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A resource for string instrument players, composers, teachers and enthusiasts offers online apps related to chords and scales:
  • Chord Library: Select a chord to see details such as its notes in canonical and simplified formats, its notation in treble and bass clefs, and shape diagrams for various instruments in multiple tunings.

  • Reverse Chord Lookup: Find chords in two different ways: Specify a set of notes or, a specify a shape you play on the fretboard. Fretboards are available for many different instruments with multiple tunings for each instrument. You can also specify a custom tuning for an intrument, or build a completely custom instrument fretboard.

  • Scale Library: Select a scale to see details such as its notes in canonical and simplified formats, its notation in treble and bass clefs, and its map on the fretboards of various instruments in multiple tunings.

  • Reverse Scale Lookup: Enter a set of notes to find out which scales they belong to.

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